Blade Series Air Conditioners

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How the Blade Series works

The Blade Series is the world's slimmest compressor-based packaged air conditioner in the industry and a part of the Inset Mount line of air conditioners from Ice Qube. The Blade Series was designed and engineered for applications that require little protrusion from the application. When the Blade Series is fully installed it protrudes .591”-1.69” (15.01-42.92mm) from the application. This allows for a very low-profile integration and allows for your application to fit into tighter and smaller environments.

The Blade Series is just another testament to Ice Qube and our engineering team’s constant strive to develop cutting edge cooling solutions. The Blade Series come in 1000-5000 Btu/h (293-1465 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity and 3.15”-4.72” (80.01-119.88mm) of mounting depth.


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