Qube Series (MM) Air Conditioners

For Applications requiring 1000 to 9000 Btu/h cooling capacities.

At just 6” wide x 15” tall x 6.3” deep the Qube Series is known to the industry as the world’s smallest compressor based packaged air conditioner. This is a true testament to how Ice Qube and our engineering team is devoted to developing products that push the envelope to meet customer requirements. The Qube Series was developed for customers that have smaller than normal size requirements, yet still need a vast amount of cooling capacity, efficiency, and durability.

Ice Qube is proud to say that we developed a product that no one in the market can offer you, all while backed with the industry’s most tried and true name. The Qube Series ranges from 1000-9000 Btu/h (293-2638 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity with mounting widths from 6”-10.2” (152.4-259mm).

Qube Series Air Conditioners
REACH Logo-55
RoHS Compliant

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