TXS Series Air Conditioners

For Applications requiring 2000 to 2500 Btu/h enclosure cooling capacities.

REACH Logo-55
RoHS Compliant

The TXS Series takes from the T Series in that it is a Top Mount packaged air conditioner providing closed-loop cooling for your critical components. Although, the TXS Series is an extra slim unit that utilizes less width when mounted to your application. Ice Qube’s exclusive use of rotary compressors allow us to manufacture the smallest, lightest weight, most energy efficient Top Mount cooling solutions in the industry. The TXS Series ranges from 2000-2500 Btu/h (586-733 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity, 9.25” (235mm) of mounting height and 10.28” (261mm) of mounting width.


Top Mount Extra Slim (TXS) Technical Data & Downloads