T Series Air Conditioners

For Applications requiring 3000 to 8000 Btu/h enclosure cooling capacities.

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RoHS Compliant

The T Series takes a lot of what the V Series line of air conditioners from Ice Qube has to offer but in a Top Mount style. Ice Qube’s exclusive use of rotary compressors allow us to manufacture the smallest, lightest weight, most energy efficient Top Mount cooling solutions in the industry. The T Series is ideal for applications that require air flow from the top of the application utilizing the natural characteristics of hot and cold air. Naturally hot air rises and cold air sinks. This natural air flow allows for the T Series to be more efficient and not take up valuable space on the side of your application where other critical components may be housed. The T Series ranges from 3000-8000 Btu/h (879-2345 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity and 12.06”-15.06” (305.82-382.52mm) of mounting height.

T Series

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