Economizer/Backup System

Ice Qube’s Economizer/Backup System is one of many proudly patented Ice Qube products. The Economizer/Backup System is designed to work in conjunction with one of Ice Qube’s Closed-Loop Cooling solutions. If an air conditioner, heat exchanger, or thermoelectric cooler cannot keep up with abnormal conditions and/or experiences a failure, the Economizer/Backup System will open its internal flaps and push ambient air through the cabinet via a 500 CFM fan. When the Economizer/Backup System is off and not functioning, the internal flaps will close and maintain the NEMA rated seal of the enclosure/application.

This method of cooling allows for ambient air to pass through the enclosure/application intern pushing the heated air out of the enclosure/application.

*All of Ice Qube’s products are independent agency tested, listed, and/or certified. Before our products are sent out for testing at independent agencies, Ice Qube utilizes our multiple in-house testing chambers. Our in-house testing chambers ensure that all our products meet and/or exceed independent agency testing standards before independent agencies verify all testing.