Filtered Fans (FP/FPP/FP-H)

UL Recognized
REACH Logo-55
RoHS Compliant

The F Series is Ice Qube’s Filtered Fan Pack Cooling System and is designed for cooling your equipment by forcing and exhausting the internal heat load out of your application. Ice Qube’s engineers have gone through extensive testing and end development to create the F Series line of FP, FPP, and FP-H. FP is Ice Qube’s Steel Filtered Fan Pack, FPP is our Plastic Filtered Fan Pack and FP-H is our in-house Washdown Hood Filtered Fan Pack.  Ambient Air Inlet and Exhaust Washdown Hoods for protection against directed water, splashing liquids, and severe outdoor applications.

If your application has an ambient environment which is not extremely harsh, humidity is not a concern, and the electronics can operate at temperatures slightly above ambient temperatures then the F Series is for you. The F Series ranges from 105-860 CFM of cooling capacity with dimensions ranging from 5.88” (149.23mm) H x 5.84” (148.34mm) W x 2.34” (59.31mm) D to 13.70” (347.98mm) H X 13.495” (342.773mm) W x 7.46” (189.484mm) D.

Standard Filtered Fan Models, Technical Data & Downloads