CF Series Heat Exchangers

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Counter Flow Heat Exchangers

Counter Flow

Ice Qube’s CF series heat exchangers utilize our exclusive COLD CORE TECHNOLOGY (CCT) and our MULTI SURFACE TECHNOLOGY (MST).  These innovations, also know as MULTI SURFACE COLD CORE TECHNOLOGY (MSCCT), have allowed Ice Qube to create an energy efficient and lower cost closed cooling design. The CF Series is for environments where the electronic equipment is designed to endure temperatures that are greater than ambient temperatures.

Several efficient and powerful fans are used to draw the heated air, created by the enclosed electronic equipment, over the MSCCT. Through thermodynamic principles, the heat is transferred to the ambient side of the MSCCT where heat is absorbed by the cooler ambient air stream. The conditioned air is then re-circulated into the equipment enclosure to repeat the heat transfer process. The CF Series ranges from 5.7-83 Watts per °F (10.3-149.4 Watts per °C) of closed-loop cooling capacity. At a 40°F/22.2°C temperature differential (ΔT) from the interior of the application to the ambient side this further translates to 777.5-11321.2 Btu/h (228-3320 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity. The CF Series has a compact mounting width of 7.18”-20.75” (182.3-527mm).


CF Series

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