IndustriQUBE® - Free Standing Industrial Enclosures

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RoHS Compliant
Ice Qube’s IndustriQUBE® - Free-Standing Industrial Enclosures are *UL Listed 50/50E and 508A NEMA Type 12, 3R, 4, 4X, and IP66 enclosures designed to be placed on the floor, bolted to the floor, or Floor-Standing when utilized with Ice Qube’s floor stands. This series of enclosures come in a single or double door with a removable post. Construction is of .105 thick carbon powder-coated steel, 304L, or 316L stainless steel. Standard hardware ranges from quarter turns and easily removable pin hinges to three-point latches.
* UL certification pending.

Free-Standing Industrial Enclosure Models, Technical Data & Downloads