IndustriQUBE® - Operator Industrial Enclosures

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RoHS Compliant
Ice Qube’s Operator Series are operator enclosures developed by our engineering team to protect crucial and valuable operator equipment from the harshest of environments. These Series are exclusive to Ice Qube in how they utilize 12-gauge welded construction and are available in powder-coated steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel. The Operator Series can be free-standing, floor-standing, or desk-standing. The Operator Series come equipped with wheels for those that need ease of mobility for their application. If you would like your application to be stationary the wheels can be removed, and the Operator Series can be floor-standing with or without bolts.

IndustriQUBE® - Operator Free-Standing Enclosure Technical Data & Downloads

IndustriQUBE® - Operator Free-Standing & Desktop Enclosure Technical Data & Downloads