Condensate Evaporators

Recommended for enclosures in extremely humid environments where condensate dripping onto the floor is prohibited or undesired.

  • Part # IQCONDENSATE-126 - 900 Watt Condensate Evaporator 120V
  • Part # IQCONDENSATE-236 - 900 Watt Condensate Evaporator 230V


  • Stainless Steel Inner Pan
  • Stainless Steel 900 Watt Heating Element
  • Stainless Steel Float Switch To Prolong Life of Heating Element
  • Operational Indicator Light
  • Manual Reset High Limit Safety Switch
  • 3.5" Fan To Remove Steam and Prevent Condensation on Enclosure and Air Conditioners
  • Drain Tube and Mounting Hardware Included
  • Overflow Drain Nipple

Condensate Evaporator Specifications
Condensate Evaporator Manual