Corrosive Packages

Ice Qube corrosive environment coatings for indoor / outdoor enclosure air conditioners provide protection to components, such as coils and piping, against acids, solvents, salt, and other corrosive environments that may be present on the plant floor. The coating will withstand normal operating temperatures of -40deg F to 250deg F.

Ice Qube's part# CP option includes a baked polyester-enamel coating on the condenser coil and corrosive inhibitors applied to internal piping. Ice Qube's part# CP3 option includes the same coatings as the CP option plus the same coatings on the evaporator section of the air conditioner. All coating meets or exceeds ASTM specifications for aluminum, copper, and prephosphatized galvanized steel. Ask your Ice Qube representative for the ASTM specifications and listing of substances for which these coatings provide chemical or solvent resistance.