Shelter/Container Coolers

SC & SE Series Mini Split Air Conditioners for Shelters/Containers

Ice Qube has been manufacturing closed-loop packaged air conditioners since 1995 to fulfill the industries need for a reliable, long lasting, efficient, and durable solution that protects valuable equipment across all industries. Now Ice Qube offers a mini split system that is specifically designed for cooling shelters/containers. Ice Qube’s Shelter/Container Cooler ranges from 10230-34100 Btu/h (2998-9994 Watts) of cooling capacity. Ice Qube’s shelter/container cooler differs from the rest of our air conditioners in that the condenser and evaporator are separate. This separation of the condenser and evaporator allows for a pinpointed cooling solution all while dissipating heat out of the shelter/container.

Closed-Loop Cooling is the process of taking heated air into the air conditioner by a powerful blower/fan where heat and moisture are removed as it passes through the air conditioner. The air is then recirculated back into the shelter/container. This process of cooling maintains the NEMA and/or sealed integrity of the shelter/container.

*All of Ice Qube’s products are independent agency tested, listed, and/or certified. Before our products are sent out for testing at independent agencies, Ice Qube utilizes our multiple in-house testing chambers. Our in-house testing chambers ensure that all our products meet and/or exceed independent agency testing standards before independent agencies verify all testing.