Surface Vertical Mount Zone 2-CIZ2 ATEX/IECEx/Aex/UK CA

IIC ATEX/IECEx/AEx/EX – Third Party Certified for Hazardous Locations

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RoHS Compliant

EVZ2 Series

The next evolution of exclusive cooling solutions and cutting-edge design is here. The ATEX/IECEx/AEx/EX Certified Hazardous Locations EV Zone 2-Class I Zone 2 is known to the industry as the Evolution Series, taking Ice Qube’s product line to new levels. Just as the V Series did back in 1995, the EV Series Zone 2-Class I Zone 2 is truly an engineering marvel for the industry. The EV Series Zone 2-Class I Zone 2 utilizes Ice Qube’s new Subpanel Airflow Technology (SAFT), state of the art solid-state technology, hermetically sealed components, Vibration Reduction Longevity Technology (VRLT), centrifugal fans, higher airflow rates, and rotary compressors to optimize efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Ice Qube’s Engineering team eliminated the traditional NEMA 7 enclosure that housed arcing and sparking components. The elimination of the NEMA 7 enclosure allowed Ice Qube to reduce the size of the unit, increase efficiency, increase longevity, increase durability, and reduce cost. The EV Series is offered in 1000-20000 Btu/h (293-5861 Watts) of closed-cooling capacity and mounting widths ranging from 9.85”-18” (250-459mm). The new EV Series Zone 2 has the industry’s highest operating temperature of 140°F/60°C to endure the harshest of environments worldwide.

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