TE & TEC Series

Thermoelectric Cooling

TE Series
Ice Qube’s TE & TEC utilize the Peltier effect, which is caused by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to an electrode material. These types of units are also known to the industry as thermoelectric or TE. Ice Qube’s engineers designed the TE to integrate into your application with an Inset mount. The Inset Mount allows for part of the TE to protrude from the application and part to set inside the application. This design given to the TE by our engineers allows for a lower profile design and integration making it great for space conscious environments.

The controller of the TE is a touch sensitive LCD digital controller named the TEC and is designed to be mounted wherever the integrator may see fit for the application. Thermoelectric cooling is the ideal solution for low-maintenance environments that require 200-300 Watts (682-1024 Btu/h) of closed-loop cooling capacity and want a small solution measuring H 15.94” (405mm) x W 7.09” (180mm) x D 7.52” (191mm).

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IQ200TE & IQ300TE Models, Technical Data & Downloads

IQ-TEC Thermoelectric Cooler Controller

TEC Series